Brad Wiley
Consider commissioning a piece if you do not see your favorite bird on my "Carvings for Sale Now" page. I enjoy creating that special piece just for you.  Contact me at 352-240-2366 or email me here at to discuss your carving.

Here's a recent testimonial for the commissioned carving of the Flamulated Owl pictured below:   

"Many thanks and congratulations to Brad for the beautiful and amazingly realistic Flammulated Owl he has just carved for me.  This bird has the most complex feather pattern of any North American owl, yet Brad captured it in all its detail.  Despite my being in New Zealand, he worked with me via email and photos (thank you to his wife, Miriam, for those) to ensure that the finished sculpture would be exactly as I wanted.  It arrived in perfect condition, thanks to the excellent packaging and is now prominently and proudly displayed in our home."

Raven and Oriole: For a Baltimore Sports Fan!
Flying Screech owl and Carolina Wren
Baby Wood Duck and Saw-whet on customer's piece of wood
Nuthatches Go Down and Brown Creepers Go Up.
Catch-and-Release 25" Rainbow Trout
Pet Parrot commission.
Catch-and-Release Brook Trout
Pet parrot clutching peanut.  At 1.5 times larger scale.

50th wedding anninversary commission. with half -sized owls for the children.
Pet pigeon.
Bluebird pair to celebrate wedding anniversary.
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